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A Tale of Two Commonwealths is an experience based around the concept of transforming the look and feel of Fallout 4 into that of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, respectively.  We have compiled nearly every known and publicly available Fallout 3/New Vegas-inspired mod out there and brought them all together through the use of two profiles that allow you to seamlessly transition between the experiences of Fallout 3 and New Vegas with a couple clicks.  Everything from equipment to gameplay and visuals (including custom ENB presets for both profiles) has been overhauled to match the feel and aesthetics of classic Fallout's.  This is as close as one could possibly reach to playing Fallout 3/New Vegas in the Fallout 4 engine until such a time that the Fallout 4 Capital Wasteland and Fallout 4 New Vegas teams are able to release their full recreations of those games.  Until then, we hope this experience provides you with some much-needed nostalgia and excitement in seeing your favorite guns, creatures, NPC's, and even entire locations brought back to life in stunning detail thanks to the hard work of the Fallout 4 modding community.  We're playing on the concept of the Tale of Two Wastelands project which uses the Fallout New Vegas engine to allow you to travel between Fallout 3's Capital Wasteland and Fallout New Vegas's Mojave Desert on the same playthrough in offering two vastly different interpretations of the Commonwealth fueled by a carefully selected combination of mods unique to either profile.

My computer specs for reference:

CPU: i7-9700k

GPU: RTX 2070 8GB

Storage: Samsung EVO 1TB SSD


OS: Windows 10

Resolution: 2560x1440

With this modlist, I sit above 60 FPS in every area that I can otherwise in vanilla. Even though Fallout 4 is a 5 year old game, it can still be very intensive on CPU and GPU resources, especially when heavily modded. Take this into account before starting to ensure your system is strong enough to handle everything being thrown at it with this setup. Also take note of the fact that no matter what mods you use, Downtown Boston will always suffer heavy FPS drops due to poor optimization of the base game. This occurs no matter how good your hardware is and how solid your modded setup is. There will be performance options detailed later in the instructions on how to run this experience for those on less powerful hardware.

               Things to Check Before Installing:

1)  Ensure you have a LEGAL steam copy of Fallout 4 with ALL 6 official DLC (Automatron, Far Harbor, Nuka World, and the 3 workshop DLC)!  These are absolutely required with no way around it.  The easiest way to obtain these is by purchasing the GOTY Edition or Season Pass on Steam.  You do NOT need the Ultra High Resolution Texture DLC.  Uninstall this DLC if it is installed!

2)  Set your game language to English in Steam.

3)  Ensure that Fallout 4 is NOT installed in the default Steam location (Program Files x86).  See the Before You Install section below on how to move your steam library if it is.

4)  Do a clean reinstall of Fallout 4 by following the Before You Install section below.  Dirty, outdated installs of Fallout 4 are the number 1 cause of issues in Wabbajack modlists!  Start the game once via Steam after reinstalling.

5)  If you have been using Vortex you must use its Purge feature to purge all of its mods out of your game folder.  Do not use Vortex while playing with Wabbajack modlists!

6)  Carefully read the instructions below.  This experience WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU if you ignore anything written here and we will not help you.

Before You Install

Click below to expand Click below to expand As with any modlist, it is recommended you start with a clean install. Uninstall Fallout 4 through Steam if it's already installed (yes even if you already have a modded setup this is the safest approach) then proceed to Documents/My Games/Fallout 4 in File Explorer and delete everything inside that folder. Then navigate to wherever you have installed Fallout 4 (steam/steamapps/common/Fallout 4) and delete everything left inside that folder. Now you must install Fallout 4 in a non-Windows Protected folder (NOT within Program Files, Program Files x86, Documents, Desktop, or any other other protected folders on the OS/C Drive). The default install location for Steam games is in a Windows-protected folder Program Files (x86) which we do NOT want as it can cause many issues with permissions and read/write access to your game files. If you already have a Steam Library set outside this default location, you can simply install Fallout 4 there. If you currently only have a Steam Library created with games being installed to the default Windows-protected folder on your C drive, please follow the steps below based on whether or not you have a separate hard drive from your OS drive. If you have another hard drive in addition to your OS drive: * Open Steam and click on Steam in the top left corner then click on Settings. Go to the downloads tab listed on the left panel that opens and select the Steam Library Folders option. When the popup appears, click on the plus button to the right of any listed drives and then create a NEW FOLDER on any of the other drives (not your native C Drive where steam default installs to) and click select. A new steam library folder will be created on your other drive in this new folder (reference image * Navigate to the Library section of Steam where all of your games are listed and click Fallout 4 then choose to Install Fallout 4 as per usual, but when prompted to choose an install location, specify the new SteamLibrary folder you just created on a separate hard drive instead of the default location on your OS drive and proceed to install as per usual. If you only have one hard drive for your computer (the OS drive) and your Steam games install to the default location in a Windows-protected folder: * Use this tool ( to create a new Steam library in a non-protected location on the same drive as your current library. By default, Steam only allows you to have one Steam library instance to install games to on a single drive so this is the only safe way to create a new library outside protected folders for those who only have a single hard drive. After the new Steam library is created, install Fallout 4 from the Library section of Steam where all your games are listed and specify this new library folder as the install location. Check out this video if you are lost on how to do this ( In either case, make sure you LAUNCH Fallout 4 through steam when installation is finished to allow the game to set registry keys and create the initial game configuration ini's. You should see a popup notifying you that the launcher is configuring your settings based on a preset that matches your hardware. After clicking OK to the popup, launch the game to the main menu and exit. Lastly, right-click on the listing for Fallout 4 in the Library tab of Steam and select Properties... Under the opening General tab UNCHECK the box next to enabling Steam Overlay in-game. Under the Updates tab set the first drop-down for update method from Automatic Updates to "Only update this game when I launch it" so that any potential game updates don't mess with your modded setup.

Installing a Tale of Two Commonwealths

Click below to expand Download Wabbajack from the home page (blue download button) Place Wabbjack.exe in a NEW root folder on one of your drives (e.g. E:/Wabbajack). Run this exe and then once Wabbajack is fully installed open it and select the big Browse Modlists button on the left. Tick the Show Unofficial Lists button in the top-right corner of Wabbajack and search for A Tale of Two Commonwealths among the offerings here. You can filter by Fallout 4 at the top to help your search. Then click the download button for the Tale of Two Commonwealths listing. You’ll then have to specify 3 paths for install. Target Modlist: Should automatically be specified after selecting this in the UI. Installation Location: The location where this modlist will install to. Create a NEW root folder ideally on the same drive as where you have Fallout 4 and Wabbajack installed and path to this folder here (e.g. E:/TTC). Do not install to the game folder! Download Location: Will default to a Downloads subfolder within your installation location path. It is fine to leave this as is unless you want the downloaded archives to go to another folder/drive where you have more space which you can specify here. Avoid using Windows-Protected directories for all of the above (Program Files, Desktop, etc.). Click the Play button and if you are a Nexus Premium user it will all automatically go through everything for you. Otherwise you will have to click through and download for each mod. Follow this video tutorial on how to install Wabbajack modlists if looking for a visual aid:

After Installing a Tale of Two Commonwealths

Click below to expand Once everything is finished Wabbjack will turn green and say Installation Complete. Now go to the folder where you installed this modlist to and open the folder within called Game Folder Files. Copy ALL of the contents within the folder named Game Folder Files to your game directory (where the game is installed; i.e. steamapps/common/Fallout 4). Make sure you copy all the contents WITHIN the Game Folder Files folder to the ROOT of where the game is installed (where the game’s executable is) (reference image if you are confused DO NOT COPY THE ENTIRE MODLIST TO YOUR GAME FOLDER. DO NOT COPY THE ENTIRE GAME FOLDER FILES FOLDER TO YOUR GAME DIRECTORY! ONLY COPY THE FILES WITHIN THE GAME FOLDER FILES FOLDER! To actually play a Tale of Two Commonwealths, launch ModOrganizer.exe from within the installation directory for this modlist. It should default to F4SE as the executable in the top-right corner of MO2. Select the Fallout 3 or Fallout New Vegas profile from the profile drop-down depending on which you want to play and then click the Run button next to the F4SE executable listing to play! But please read the ENB section listed below for important information regarding the ENB presets or you will not receive the intended visuals!

Game Folder Files


Click below to expand When you copied over the files from the Game Folder Files folder in the previous section, this carried over two folders titled Fallout 3 ENB and Fallout New Vegas ENB. This experience does not come pre-configured with one preset or the other so you have to choose which profile you're going to play and then extract the contents of that ENB preset's archive to your game folder. So for example if you want to play the Fallout New Vegas profile, extract the contents of the archive in the Fallout New Vegas ENB folder to the game folder (where the game's executable is) just like any other ENB preset. If you want to switch to the Fallout 3 profile, you must delete the ENBSeries folder, enblocal.ini, and enbseries.ini from the Fallout New Vegas ENB preset and then extract the contents of the archive from the Fallout 3 ENB folder into the game folder like shown here (reference image BE SURE TO LOOK AT THE REFERENCE IMAGE! You must extract the enbseries folder, enblocal.ini, and enbseries.ini directly into the game directory and when you start playing you should notice a SIGNIFICANT VISUAL DIFFERENCE if you press the F12 key to toggle the preset on and off. 7zip by default will only extract a folder into your game directory. You need the files WITHIN that folder. Join our Discord server linked at the bottom of this page if you have any questions on this but the reference image linked above should be clear. Important Note: Either preset will lock your FPS to 60 max by default. This is intended as the game runs into issues running above 60 FPS even with High FPS Physics Fix. If you want to disable this, open the enblocal.ini in your game's root folder and change the line EnableFPSLimit= under the [Limiter] section from true to false. In order for this preset to look as intended for you and for the game to look as visually striking as possible, I highly recommend your calibrate your monitor both through the NVIDIA/AMD Control Panel (right-click Desktop and the option should appear, then for NVIDIA in the left side panel click Adjust desktop color settings under the Display header, and I'm not familiar with how to do this for AMD) and through Windows display calibration (reference image; search for Calibrate Display Color in your Windows search bar or Windows settings panel).

MCM Configuration

Click below to expand After starting a new game and exiting the vault, open the Mod Configuration Menu (MCM) by pausing and clicking the Mod Config option at the top. After opening the MCM, open the top MCM Settings Manager listing and you will see a listing in the right pane under the Presets section titled TTC MCM Settings with an option next to it to apply which you should click now (reference image from Lost World but same idea here Click yes on the prompt to apply the preset then reload the MCM when prompted on the left and now everything will go into effect! You can change any MCM settings per mod to your liking afterwards here but everything has already been set to provide the ideal, intended experience. Take the time to read through all the settings options in each MCM entry as many features can be configured here. After you're done with MCM settings, save, exit the game, then relaunch Fallout 4 via F4SE in MO2 as per usual and then reload your save. You're now ready to play, but feel free to read through the important tips below before starting!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Read the description for Dynamic Ghoulification which overhauls how radiation and its effects work in TTC.  Once you reach stage 4 radiation you become a ghoul with no ability to reverse that so keep on top of your rads!

Click here for a full comparison of the mods exclusive to the Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas profiles to help decide which to start with.  You can search for any listed mod on Nexus by the listed name to learn more about it.

Important Information About a Tale of Two Commonwealths
(Optional, But Highly Recommended)

Performance Tips

Click below to expand Click below to expand This is not a very intensive setup and should be able to run above 60 FPS on most modern hardware. My hardware is listed at the top of this page for which I am able to maintain a constant 60+ FPS at almost all times without any distracting FPS drops or extended stutters. If you are on older hardware (the kind that struggles to run any modded setup or even the game in vanilla) you may want to consider the options below. General tips for saving performance on EITHER profile: * In the MO2 INI editor, set fshadowdistance= and fdirshadowdistance= to 5000 for both in fallout4prefs.ini * In the ENB GUI (open with the END key), under the Effects tab on the left, click the checkmark next to Enable SSAO so that it is unchecked and thereby disabled. The lack of AO is hardly noticeable in this setup, and it drains a lot of FPS having it on. * Simply disable the ENB preset altogether while you play by pressing the F12 key on your keyboard. More meant as a last resort as you will not receive the intended visual experience but FPS cap and other fixes from ENBseries will remain intact. * Set the game resolution to 1080p instead of the default 1440p. Open MO2’s INI editor and switch the isizeH and isizeW values to 1920 and 1080 respectively under the [Display] section of the fallout4prefs.ini tab (reference image

ECO Workbench Patcher

Click below to expand Click below to expand Click below to expand Equipment and Crafting Overhaul (ECO) otherwise known as the modern day alternative to AWKCR/AE includes a convenient universal workbench which can be picked up right next to the vault after you exit (situated between two shipping containers just beside the vault entrance). After picking up the workbench, you can place it down anywhere by dropping it from your inventory and then interact with it to craft any item you wish without having to stop at an official settlement workbench. This modlist comes with a pre-configured universal workbench patch, but if you add or remove any mods you must create your own or disable the patch (last plugin in the load order). If you wish to create your own universal work bench patch you can follow the steps below: Select ECO_WorkbenchPatcher as your executable in MO2 and click the Run button to start it (reference image! A command prompt window will appear asking if you'd like to run the patcher. Simply enter the letter Y and press enter. When FO4Edit opens, allow it to load all plugins by simply clicking ok on the module selection popup that appears. Once all plugins are finished loading a popup will appear asking to select options for ECO Workbench Patcher. Leave everything checked and click the New Patch button (reference image When prompted to select plugins just click ok which will add all other plugins as masters to the patch. Name the patch something appropriate like "ECO Workbench Patch" and click ok. Then click ok again and the script will start running! It should be done in under a minute. Once a popup appears indicating the script has finished running you can click ok once more and close this FO4Edit window entirely. Now back in MO2, your newly created plugin will appear at the bottom of your load order in the Plugins tab in the right pane. Be sure to check it on, and you'll be good to go (reference image! You can leave this patch plugin last in your load order. In-game, you should now be able to craft any items/weapons/equipment added to the game via mods within the universal workbench.

For whatever mods you install over this experience, you do so at your own risk/discretion as our support is limited only to what is available in the experience already. Do not expect support if you haven't read through this entire page of documentation or if you have modified the experience in any way.  Check out our Resources Hub if you want to learn more about creating your own experiences!

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